Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Pretty cool movie - very unique story. Liam Neeson plays a really good role here - great acting. Lots of action. Highly recommended. Check it out!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Learning iMovie

Lately, I've been reading this book on iMovie. It's a great book to read on just starting out and learning about filmmaking. Apart from writing about iMovie, the book goes into the different aspects of filmmaking including purchasing a video camera, lighting, sound, editing, etc. It's a great starter book for anyone just starting out.

I'm really excited about learning about filmmaking. I haven't been behind a camera in a very long time. Think I will learn most of it through just going out and making videos. I've read that filmmakers say the magic of film really happens in editing - putting it all together. Editing is all very new to me since I've never used a program for editing in the past. I thought it would be hard to learn - it just takes some time and practice.

I've played around a little with iMovie and have made some small short videos - it's not that hard to learn. On the other hand,Final Cut Pro is a monster - it's pretty scary looking! Think I'll leave that one to the professionals ;)

***By the way, people have asked - iMovie is only available for Mac users. It's not currently available for Windows users.