Thursday, January 8, 2009


I decided to put together this film blog since I am very interested in film. Ever since I was a kid, films have always fascinated me. Seriously. I remember spending many days in the movie theatres as a kid - watching movies all day as well as roaming the video stores when not at the theatre. When I was a kid, I especially liked horror as well as adventure (I'm a big Indiana Jones fan) movies. I wasn't much of a sci-fi person except for Star Wars - E.T. scared the living daylight out of me, that was a major horror film to me!

Apart from watching movies, I also did some work behind the camera as a kid - I used to put together skits for fun using my dad's VHS camcorder. (yeah, remember VHS?)

I guess I've always been sort of an entertainer at heart. As a kid, I even put together little puppet shows and plays for the kids in the neighborhood charging admission and making some extra pocket money. I had a few of my friends working for me - gave them a piece of the action or bartered (they liked stickers!) for their services. And to think, this started at the young age of 5. Kids always looked forward to the shows we put on for the neighborhood. Sometimes I got ideas from one of my favorite tv shows as a kid - The Little Rascals. Oh, were those kids always putting on a show to make some extra dough!

As a kid, I was really creative. Think I was pretty good at entertaining and putting on a show.I would write all the material and my friends would help me out. I remember in 6th grade, I wrote an entire script for a comedic newscast as well as the commercials in between. I actually offered to do this for extra credit and my teacher allowed it. I didn't even have to do it. I even wrote a 20 page creative story which my teacher thought should be turned into a movie or play. And, here I was still a kid in the 6th grade. And, again I wrote, directed and filmed more film projects throughout junior high and high school.

Unfortunately, as I grew up my parents insisted I be more "practical" in my choice of vocation for the future. They saw no place for me in the arts - told me there's no money in it and to give up on these silly dreams. They wanted me to do something sensible where I'd make a lot of money. My teachers were great - they encouraged me to pursue the arts saying I was just good at writing and entertaining. Though, my parents wouldn't have it - no child of theirs was going to be a starving artist on the streets. So, the film stuff stopped.

Though, my film fascination continues. And, here we are. This blog is here to discuss anything film - reviews, opinions, industry stuff, etc. And, for those who like a good laugh - skits and spoofs as well. I continue to watch movies and learn about the film industry - it's still very interesting to me. Maybe someday I will pick up where I left off as a kid. As they say, the show must go on!


TripleLLL said...

Do you have any advice on a good (inexpensive) camcorder to buy?

Film Gurl said...

I've heard good things about Sony and Panasonic - just for a basic starter video camera. If you're just starting out, I'd recommend using one that can work with iMovie - it's a great program to use. I may have some more reviews down the road. Hope that helps!

Milan said...

Hi, It was nice to know u through ur blog. Ur profile is quite similar to myself. I am from india (bollywood cinema) and film crazy.
Now iam in education field but still find time to see movie in cinema halls with friends and family.I like films based on real life stories and incidents. I like sci-fic when i was young. With age taste change. what u say?

Film Gurl said...

Nice to meet you, Milan. I'm glad you enjoy the cinema as well. Yes, sometimes with age tastes do change. I still do like the same stuff I liked as a kid, just more to add to it now that I'm all grown up, thanks for stopping by!

Reel Whore said...

I feel ya on the practical parents. I was always doing creative projects in high school and college, but I, too, had to get the responsible career instead of making a go at the arts.

Now I trudge thru the daily rut and so not feeling it. I'm taking a screenwriting class on the side, I've had enough of practicality. Hopefully it will inspire me to get back in the saddle and I can charge ahead to bigger and better things.

Aside from movie-watching, what do you do to keep your fingers on the pulse of the film industry?

Film Gurl said...

I can definitely relate. I think as we grow older, we're taught more to be practical. And, I guess the "arts" in most people's eyes is not really a "practical" type of vocation.

That's great about the screenwriting class. I took one myself - it was very interesting.

Apart from watching movies, I also enjoy connecting with other filmmakers and movie goers to discuss movies and upcoming projects. I also have attended a few film festivals. I'm always on the lookout for fresh stuff from emerging filmmakers!

Thanks for stopping by! :)