Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Last Airbender (2010)

Since I'm a fan of M. Night Shyamalan , I was really excited to see this film based on the animated television series.

To be honest, it's been awhile since I've seen a good M. Night Shyamalan film - his past few films have not been all that great in my opinion. So, going into this one - I was really hoping to be dazzled. Though, I wasn't - it was a bit disappointing.

The movie is more of a fantasy adventure type of film. In a way, it kind of reminded me of this movie.

Basically, it's about a boy who is supposed to be a kind of "protector" of the people (aka The Avatar). Though, when faced with the responsibility and the duties of his role he is reluctant to pursue it - being a hero is a lot of responsibility which involves having a life of solitude without having any ties such as family and friends. And, to the boy this life of solitude is just not the kind of life he wants to live.

So, the movie is really about a hero who doesen't want to be a hero. Though, with the current situation of the war in the story he is faced with the dilemma of being a hero and protecting the people. Otherwise, there will be no protector for the people.

In a way, some of the themes of this film is a bit similar the themes of other films such as "The Matrix" - there's a prophecy that someone is going to protect the people. The theme in this film is no different.

There are some battle type scenes in the movie as the hero (aka The Avatar) and his army (consisting of another boy and a girl - brother and sister) work together to gather up villages of people to fight the existing regime.

(Note: The battle scenes are a bit corny looking. I don't want to ruin it for you, but let's just say it reminds me of watching kung-fu in slow motion - it's a bit weird looking).

I think this movie is for a certain type of person - one who enjoys these kinds of films. And, maybe for those who enjoyed watching the series.

Though, this film really didn't do it for me - it just didn't feel like it came together. The storyline wasn't really well executed and a lot of the scenes were not really played out well especially the battle scenes - I just didn't find myself entertained.

Now, it could just be me. Maybe some who enjoy this genre may have differing opinions. Though, I do enjoy fantasy adventure type of movies from time to time such as this one.

Overall, I can't really recommend this film - I just didn't find myself entertained. The storyline was not very well executed and the scenes just didn't play out well for me. I was really hoping this movie would be good, though it was rather disappointing.

If you're contemplating seeing this movie, I'd say it's best to pass on it.

Film Gurl's 15 Minute Rule: FAIL

(Note: For all the fans of the film, these are just my thoughts - it just didn't do it for me).

Happy movie watching!

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Candice Frederick said...

sigh. why can't m. night get it together? he's disappointed me since the sixth sense. maybe this will be a rental for me.

Film Gurl said...

I know, it's been awhile since a good movie of his came out. I used to love his movies - his earlier works were really good. It's gone a bit downhill over the years, hope a good one will come out in the future - thanks for stopping by!

Action Flick Chick said...

I agree with your review. I didn't like the film and was a bit more harsh on it. There was so much potential to be good and yet Shyamalan couldn't do it.

Film Gurl said...

It's so weird how his last couple of films have not been that great, though his earlier work was so enjoyable to watch. I started to daze out a bit on this one, too much slow motion fighting and the special effects were a bit comical. Good thing I didn't see it in 3D, thanks for stopping by! :)

Clarabela said...

I haven't heard any good reviews for this movie. i like kung fu movies, but now that Jet Li is too old for action movies, I have been disappoint in the last few I have seen.

Film Gurl said...

I'm thinking maybe those who are fans of the cartoon series may be able to understand it more. I've never seen the series, all I can say is that the film just didn't do it for me but maybe there are others who differ in option. Though, I have not read any good reviews on the film either. Thanks for stopping by!

Dan said...

I really think after Unbreakable when Shyamalan started to get total creative control it has been to his detriment. He doesn't know to cut his own material - both in the script and final edit stage.

Film Gurl said...

It will be interesting to see how his new film, "Devil," pans out. I have been a fan of his earlier work, I'm still hoping a good one will come out in the future. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by!