Friday, July 24, 2009

The Net

I really enjoy watching this movie - it takes me back to the beginning days of the Internet. Remember, dial-up and floppy disks? They are all featured in this film.

I especially like Sandra Bullock's character. A gurl any "geek gurl" can relate to - she a cool, smart, witty, tech expert - an all around awesome gal.

It's pretty scary to imagine that all our information is stored on computers. Identity theft is a scary thing - very realistic and probable in our world today. We've all heard that saying "Knowledge is power." Well, computers are now the ones with all the "knowledge", our information, and having access to so much information is indeed, power.

Definitely worth checking out this movie if you're in the mood for a thriller/suspense. Speaking of suspense, don't you just love it when you're watching that part in a movie when someone starts downloading information onto a disk and it's taking too much time to get it downloaded? (Remember, Office Space?) There's some suspense for you!

Check it out!

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