Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Piece of Cake

I thought I'd post up this short film found by my tweep, Flash Your Shorts (thank you!). Here's some info:

"A tribute to John Woo. A sizzling summer blockbuster exploding with high energy action!"

It's very interesting to watch this short. I find it comical and very funny how some action shots are done very well here, I've seen the same shots and/or scenes done in many movies we have today. Are there any action shots that look familiar to you? Which movies are they from?

For all the John Woo and action film fans, this one's for you - check it out!

(p.s. If you have a project(s) you'd like me to check out (i.e. fan trailer, short, spoof, animation, etc), feel free to contact me. I'm always on the lookout for fresh stuff from emerging filmmakers!)

Video Link


Action Flick Chick said...

The action shots were executed really well. I was pleasantly surprised. Well done!

Film Gurl said...

I knew you'd like it, a lot of the shots look familiar (like I've seen them in movies). Glad you enjoyed it! :)