Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

"It's not what you know. It's what you can prove in court. That's how our justice system works."

- Law Abiding Citizen

After seeing the trailer for this movie, I knew it was a film I wanted to see. It seemed like a film that had something to say. And, it did. The above quote sums it all.

This is a film about a man, played by Gerard Butler, who played by the rules. And, when an unexpected event happened in his life - he tried to be reasonable and play fair seeking justice for an unlawful deed. Though, he did not get the justice he was seeking. Instead, the justice system freed a criminal based on an unadmissible piece of evidence - the very proof of the unlawful deed done.

Since the justice system could not help this man, he decided to take the law into his own hands and teach the justice system a lesson. This is a story about what's right and what's wrong. And, the morality that can sometimes be lost in our criminal justice system.

I enjoyed watching this film. This is a story about revenge - plain and simple, not too complicated. It's very much a "cat and mouse" type movie. The main character sets up a series of explosions and traps to teach his attorney, played by Jamie Foxx, the impact the justice system can have on an individual who feels wronged by the system.

This film really had something to say - it made a statement. And, the story was told very well. It kept my attention throughout the movie. There's a mix of powerful dialogue and action sequences. And, through it all I wanted to keep watching more.

As for the ending, it really did surprise me - it had an unexpected twist. I don't want to ruin it for you but let's just say the saying "You get what you wish for" can sometimes hold true.

If you're in the mood for an action type movie, I definitely recommend this one.

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Happy movie watching!

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Candice Frederick said...

i really enjoyed this movie. it was better than I thought it would be and Gerard Butler really showed his acting chops in this movie.

Film Gurl said...

I agree. I really like the twists and turns in the movie, and the ending was really unexpected. Glad you enjoyed the film, thanks for stopping by!