Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Ghost Writer (2010)

Lately, I've been in a thriller and suspense type of mood. So, I decided to check this movie out based on the novel.

Personally, I have an interest in thriller and suspense types of films that involve stories about writers. Maybe it's because I consider myself as a writer - it's very interesting for me to see a writer's life depicted on the big screen. My interest in this film came as no surprise.

(Note: One film I've enjoyed in the past depicting a writer's life has been this one. There's just something about watching films that are about writers and their lives that interest me).

The movie takes us into the world of ghostwriting. The main character, an unnamed Ghostwriter (played by Ewan McGregor), takes on a special assignment to write the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister (played by Pierce Brosnan).

In taking the assignment, the "Ghost Writer" finds he is in for more than he bargained for in taking the job. In a way, the job involved more than just writing - it involved finding and uncovering knowledge to some very deep and dark secrets.

In turn, his knowledge of these "secrets" put him in a very dangerous position - a position where his life was at stake. And, this was not what he signed up to do - this was not in his job description.

Though, he tried to run away and cut his ties to the project - everywhere he turned became dangerous for him. It got to the point where he could no longer walk in public and had to look out for any sign of danger. This became very problematic.

The opening scene of the film is a bit weird. I'm still not quite sure why the film opened up the way it did. The film did start a bit slow, but the momentum built up gradually as the movie progressed.

This is a movie where you have to really pay attention and listen. There are parts of the story and characters introduced that play as main ingredients to the overall storyline. If you do not closely monitor the movie, you may miss something. And, you can catch it on a second viewing.

In a way, this movie is more like a mystery than anything else. While watching the film, it really kept me guessing. There are some scenes and actions in the movie that were a bit mysterious. And, it kept my attention - I wanted to watch more to see how the pieces fit together.

There were a lot of twists and turns in the film. Just when I thought all the pieces fit together, something else came up. It definitely is not a predictable movie.

(Note: For those who have seen the film, I found it very interesting how the film ended - it was quite a change in the turn of events. I thought it was brilliant how the pieces finally came all together, it definitely surprised me!).

Overall, I enjoyed the film. Though, I have to warn you - it's not a film that has a lot of action. There's mostly dialogue mixed in with bits of action. What I enjoyed was the storyline - the mystery, the suspense and the way all the pieces came together at the end.

If you're in the mood for a thriller and suspense type of movie, I do recommend this one.

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(Note: For those who have read the book, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on it and how it compares with the movie. Thanks for reading!)

Happy movie watching!

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Clarabela said...

I watched The Ghost Writer this weekend and enjoyed it. I also like movies that involve writers and this one was very suspenseful.

It was hard to tell where the story was going and who the good or bad guys were. But overall, The Ghost Writer is worth watching.

Film Gurl said...

Great to hear, glad you enjoyed it - thanks for sharing and for stopping by! :)