Friday, December 10, 2010

Murder By Numbers (2002)

"Let the mind games begin."

- Murder By Numbers

Recently, I re-visited this movie. Since I was in a crime movie kind of mood, I decided to check it out again.

Here Sandra Bullock plays a detective type of role. And, I must say - I do enjoy seeing her play these "tough" girl type of roles (such as in this movie).

This film is great in the way of it's execution and portrayal of an idea to perform and get away with the perfect murder. The way the clues and the evidence presented seemed to lead the detectives on the case in a certain direction - an obvious direction. Though, the real story of the crime was slowly and brilliantly revealed as the film progressed.

What I enjoyed about this film was the way it was presented. In parts it was subtle. And, in others - it was captivating. It had my attention throughout.

I especially enjoyed the exploration of the characters in the story. This was not a one sided movie - it had several sides to it. And, it revealed the complexities of human nature by the portrayal of the characters involved.

The movie was not predictable at all. While watching the film, I thought I had it figured out (just like Sandra Bullock's character). But, I was definitely surprised at the turn in events as the film progressed. There were many twists and turns - the suspense definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

(Note: For those who have seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about).

I guess one thing I did learn from the movie was that anything can happen. We always think crimes happen from those who are unknown to us, people we do not know. But, in reality - crimes can happen closer to home.

As for the end, I think it was brilliant in its execution. There was a part where I thought the movie had ended, where I thought the crime was solved. But, there was a twist - a small piece of evidence that revealed the truth about the crime.

It showed what had really happened from a different perspective, not the perspective we had been exposed to as the audience. And, it was interesting to see how the bits and pieces came together. It definitely threw me for a loop and made for a good ending.

If you're in the mood for a crime and thriller type of film, I do recommend this one.

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