Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Cost of Oil: Voices From the Arctic (Trailer)

Documentary short by Stone Soup Films:

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"This film is an outline of the effects of offshore oil production in the Arctic Ocean just off the coast of northern Alaska. The native people have lived off the land for over 2000 years using the resources provided by the ocean. The plan for offshore oil development in this region has posed a huge threat to these people's way of life. Not only will oil drilling have an impact on their subsistence lifestyle, but their cultural heritage may also be at risk.

The film is a compilation of interviews with the native peoples living on the North Slope of Alaska and expert geophysicists, biologists, oil production specialists, environmentalists, linguists and ethnologists. These interviews have been added to footage taken from the arctic tundra of Alaska resulting in a powerful piece that shows some of the imminent danger that the world may face in drilling for oil in the dangerous Arctic Ocean."

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