Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

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Ok, I have to admit - I really did want to see this movie based on the book. I'm into listening about crazy dating stories!

This is not a movie where you need to read the book first. I did read the book before watching the movie. But, that was before I even knew the movie was going to come out.

Basically, the movie followed the same format as the book using little excerpts to tell each story. It was interesting because all the characters had separate stories though they all came together at the end. I guess kind of like the movie, Crash, where you find out about each character and somehow they all know each other.

Overall, it was a funny movie - I know a lot of people in the dating scene can relate to it. Surprisingly, there were some very serious moments in the movie especially with Jennifer Connelly's character.

One thing, I thought they put too much of the movie in the trailer (hate when that happens!). When you're watching the movie, it kind of ruins the funny parts because you've already seen them in the trailer - I knew when they would come up and anticipated them coming.

So, is this a movie to see with a significant other? I think it's ok - it's not like Sex and The City - The Movie which is definitely a movie to see with the girls.

If you're in the mood for a dating, comedy type movie, check this one out!

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