Friday, August 28, 2009

The Great Buck Howard

I decided to check this movie out from a recommendation by one of my tweeps Skookum86 (thank you!)

Let me just say, I'm glad I saw it - very entertaining movie with a life lesson. It's about going out and finding your place and purpose in life - not following the norm and what people want you to do. It's a movie about having your own experiences and creating your own story.

I definitely could relate to this movie. In this day and age, there are so many expectations placed on people to go out and get a "respectable" job and maintain a certain status in society.

In this movie, the main character Troy Gable (Colin Hanks) is unhappy with his life. He decides to drop out of law school and become a writer. Problem is that he's got to find a paying gig to pay the bills while he pursues his dream. And, that's when he lands a job as a road manager working for the "Great Buck" Howard (John Malkovich), a demanding and past his time mentalist.

While touring with the "Great Buck," Troy goes through many life experiences and sees many things. To most people like his father (Tom Hanks), this job is seen as a waste of time.

Though, for Troy it's an unforgettable experience that truly shows him the meaning of life - to be happy and to do the things you love to do. And, that is priceless.

If you're in the mood for a comedy type and "feel good" movie, I definitely recommend this one.

Happy movie watching!

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