Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Indie Film Trailer - My Name Is Francesca

I thought I'd post up this film trailer for the short submitted by my tweep, Jeremy Hyler (thank you!). Check it out!

"Francesca (Rebecca Bruder) is a girl with issues. Check the film out! It's currently in festivals."

If you would like to see the short, you can find it here.

(p.s. If you have a project(s) you'd like me to check out (i.e. fan trailer, short, spoof, animation, etc), feel free to contact me. I'm always on the lookout for fresh stuff from emerging filmmakers!)

Video Link


Action Flick Chick said...

This looks rather amusing. I liked the description of her birth, how she was "pooped out." Nice!

Film Gurl said...

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by! :)

Karen said...

Looks interesting! Nice find.

Film Gurl said...

Thanks! The cool thing about this one is that it's a short and it can be watched right on YouTube. Thanks for stopping by! :)