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Indie Film Review: Determinism (2011)

Recently, I just finished watching this film submitted to me by indie filmmakers/directors/writers Sanjit Majumdar and Ranju Majumdar.

I took an interest in their film, "Determinism" when the trailer was submitted here. From the trailer alone, it definitely caught my eye and I knew it would be a movie with something important to say. I was definitely right.

From the very beginning of the film, I could get a sense of the eeriness and setting of the movie - the tone was set quite well. The film takes place in the winter time in Pennsylvania. And, let me just say - the cinematography is just amazing and outstanding. I really could feel the tone throughout the movie.

Now, this is a film that you really do have to pay attention to - it is told quite well. There are bits and pieces of the story that are introduced throughout the movie which really make the film come together at the end.

So, what is this movie about? Well, I don't want to reveal too much as I do not want to ruin it for you. But, I will tell you it's a movie that has some really important themes about our society and how the kids of our society deal with the issues of today.

The main character, Alec (played by Sanjit Majumdar), is a college student who is really struggling with trying to uphold the high expectations of his parents. As many parents who immigrate to this country, there is a lot of pressure placed on their children to do well in school and to uphold a high status position and job after graduating from college. That is the "American Dream" for many parents of their children.

But, Alec is not able to cope and uphold his parents' plans for him. There is just too much pressure. And, in the end - he fails them.

In turn, Alec soon realizes that he is just "tired of trying to fit in." So, he turns to a different life - a life filled with drugs and making easy money. With no support from this family, for Alec - this is his future now. And, so the story begins.

As for the plot, I won't say much as it may ruin it for those who have not yet seen the film. But, I will say - there are a lot of unexpected twists and turns. And, yes - there are a lot of unpredictable moments.

This movie really makes a statement about the future of the children of America. Sometimes parents do place too much pressure on their children to live out their own dreams, not the dreams of their children. But, at what price?

Without having a family and a support system, who else do these kids have to turn to? As parents, when is enough, enough? I understand parents want the best for their children. But, who is to say what is the best? And, what is the definition of success?

In the movie, the "determinism" of the main character, Alec, was to survive on his own to go out and make a fresh start without the support of his family. His will to survive only made him stronger. But, in the end - it was a high price to pay. And, many paid dearly for it.

Overall, I enjoyed the film very much. It was brilliantly executed and had a good storyline. It had my attention throughout. And, I personally think this movie is worthy of being entered into the film festival circuit.

If you're in the mood for a drama and thriller type of film, I do recommend this one.

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(Note: For those who are interested, feel free to check out the Determinism website for more info about the movie. Thanks for reading!)

Happy movie watching!

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SMG status management group said...

Amazing Work, can't wait to see the whole Movie.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing a lot of good things about this film, I'm looking forward to seeing it too! It's nice to see a small film like this make a decent-sized ripple in the ocean of independent cinema.

Anonymous said...

Great trailer.

Film Gurl said...

(SMG status management group) Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by!

(Anonymous) Yes, I agree. It's really nice coming across really good indie films. Enjoy!

(Anonymous) Thanks for watching!

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Film Gurl, (you little darlin`), theres something that i`d like your opinion on: i find non-genre movies so boring and almost unwatchable now, i only watch science-fiction and horror now, if i start watching a film and its obvious that nothing imaginitive is going to happen in the movie i switch it off very quickly. I just wondered whether you agreed that all those unimaginitive films that were popular for so long now look incredibly pathetic and laughably out-moded in comparison to the modern special-effects oriented product?.

Film Gurl said...

(jervaise brooke hamster) I think it's a product of Hollywood. There are formulas that work and formulas that don't work. And, the formulas that work are the ones that bring in money. I guess that's why it's called "Show Business" - it really is a business. Many times the films that lie outside of the box require a different kind of audience, not the masses that Hollywood usually caters to. I guess this is where the realm of independent cinema comes in. Hope that helps!

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Thats a great reply darlin`, its just that the point i think i`m trying to make is that its only special-effects oriented movies that have cinematic power and there-fore (by definition) they are the only ones that are worth going to see in a cinema (something i`ve believed since long before the release of Star Wars in `77), everything else (the non-special effects movies) look just the same on television as they do in a cinema (because they have no "CINEMATIC POWER") and there-fore are not worth going to see in cinema's, i just wondered what you thought about that?.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Film Gurl, kitten, baby, gorgeous little sexpot, i`m still waiting for you to reply to my second point, once again i`d love to hear your opinion !!!.

Film Gurl said...

(jervaise brooke hamster) Sure thing. Sorry for my delayed response, I've been busy with other projects. About your question, I think special effects do play a role even to this day. But, what will make or break a movie (in my opinion) will always be the story. Without a good story, I do not think a movie will be successful. There are some very good films out there that do not have the special effects (like films such as Avatar), but do have a good storyline. One underrated film I thought was excellent was "Up In the Air." And, I did just see a good indie film (which I reviewed here) - "Determinism." So, I think good films with good stories will always prevail over those without - even over the ones with the best special effects (i.e. like Avatar which I thought was very overrated). Hope that helps to answer your question, thanks for your input!

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Great reply darlin` (as always) its just that you still didn`t address that specific point i made about non-special effects movies having no cinematic power, for instance Avatar may be over-rated (agreed) but it still looks great on a giant screen specifically because of the special effects, where-as, as i said, drama's look just the same on television as they do on a cinema screen. I`d much rather go to see a bad special effects movie than a supposedly great drama in a cinema any day because the special effects movie (for all its crappyness) would still provide me with that pre-requisite visual roller-coaster ride that i expect from a visit to the movies where-as the great drama (for all its supposedly great acting) would not. By the way baby, what do mean "you`ve been busy with other projects" !?!?, how can you possibly have the nerve to give anything else priority over me? especially when you realise how much i`m in love with you !!!.

Determinism 2011 said...

Hey Man ! Last night, I saw the trailers of this film..the film sounds to be alluring one. Now I am eagerly waiting for it and will surely go for it..