Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kid In The Front Row Blogathon: My Favorite Childhood Book

(Note: This post has nothing to do with film and/or movies. Though, I felt compelled to participate and share with you my thoughts. Thanks for reading!)

So, I've decided to participate in my film blogging pal's, Kid In The Front Row, latest blogathon "My Favorite Childhood Book."

Now, as part of a participant of the blogathon - I was required to re-read my favorite childhood book and write about it. And, I'm happy to say and share with you - my favorite childhood book is:

Since I have not read the book in a very long time, it was very nostalgic to go back and re-read the story. I remember as a kid, this was my all time favorite book - I took it with me everywhere.

(Note: And, for those interested - my all time favorite game as a child was Monopoly - I took it everywhere with me as well. Though, I was banned from bringing the game to school. Many times my beloved Monopoly game was taken away as I sat in the principal's office awaiting my fate. Unfortunately, the school system I attended did not tolerate teaching kids about money and business - one of my interests even as a kid. As a child, I was an entrepreneur of sorts - I always had an entrepreneurial venture going on).

After re-reading the book recently, it really takes me back and makes me think about why I liked the story so much. As a kid, I remember reading this book over and over again. And, I remember - it really was a book that kept me going even at a young age.

So, what is it about the story that just kept me going? Well, I think it had a lot to do with the way the story was told and how I was able to relate to the "little engine" in the story.

You see, I wasn't the smartest kid in the class. Nor, was I the strongest. Or, the most artistic. I wasn't even the most behaved kid. But, one thing I did have (which many of my teachers remarked about) was my creativity.

Though, in the areas of my academic life - I kind of struggled with my schoolwork. And, I also had a major behavioral problem - I got distracted easily. And, I didn't take to following directions. But, all of my teachers all said that I was a bright kid - I just needed to apply myself.

So, in an effort to teach me that I could do something if I just put my mind to it - I was introduced to my favorite childhood book. And, I kept reading and reading the book over and over again.

Looking back, in a way - I guess I can say the book kind of inspired me. It encouraged me and taught me that one lesson - if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish the task at hand. And, so - the book remains my favorite childhood book even as an adult.

Reading the book again as an adult, I feel the "kid" in me ignite once again. I think as we grow up into adulthood, society tells us that we must be more practical in terms of the choices we make (whether they be personal, career, etc) and the paths that we take.

But, I sometimes I have to wonder - is practicality the best choice? Does choosing the path of "practicality" make one happy?

Even as a kid, I was told over and over again - I always had my head up in the clouds. And, as I grew up - I was taught in school as well as by my parents to be more practical in my choices in life.

Even at an early age, I always enjoyed writing. And, I had some great teachers who really encouraged me to pursue my love for the art of writing.

Though, as I grew up - I was discouraged to pursue my writing by others including my parents who insisted I be more "practical" in my choice of vocation for the future. My parents saw no place for me in the arts - told me there's no money in it and to give up on these silly dreams. They wanted me to do something sensible where I'd make a lot of money.

(Note: For those interested, feel free to check out my first post where I talk more in depth about my childhood interests in film and writing).

As I look back, I can honestly say that I do not think I would be happy if I stopped writing. To me, writing is a part of who I am. And, it's hard to change that.

In relating to the story of the "little engine," I can see the "little engine" inside of me just chugging along as I continue to pursue my interest in writing. Just like the story, I may not be the fanciest or the most popular writer. Or, even the best writer. I may not even have a slew of degrees and awards in writing.

But, just like the "little engine" - I still believe in myself that I can write and pursue my interest. And, I continue to write even to this day.

Getting back to the book, I think everyone has a "little engine" inside of them. And, that "little engine" can do wonders with enough belief and determination.

So, I hope this post in sharing with you my favorite childhood book inspires you to rekindle and re-ignite the "little engine" inside of you.

It definitely has for me.

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Jacob said...

Nice Post! I remember reading this very clearly, rather my teacher reading it to our class.

Action Flick Chick said...

What an interesting idea. My favorite book as a child was Matilda. I might just have to read it again to see how I like it as an adult. Great post!

Film Gurl said...

(Jacob) Thanks Jacob, I'm glad you liked it!

(Action Flick Chick) I definitely had fun writing the piece. Just reflecting and writing about my favorite childhood book was quite a trip down memory lane. Oh, I think I remember Matilda - it sounds familiar. Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for your input! :)

tarquin fortiscue hetherington (esquire, as it were) formerly of her majestys grenadier guards said...

My all-time favorite book is the 1971 Beryl the Peril annual, the Thomas The Tank Engine books were good as well.