Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clash of the Titans (2010)

"A new era has begun, the era of man."

- Clash of the Titans

Since Greek mythology a topic that interests me, I was really excited to see this film remake based on the original movie.

Going into the film, I did not see the original beforehand. I'm glad that I didn't. (If you've seen the original, there have been a couple characters and things that have changed in the remake. Though, most of the themes and basic plot remain the same).

Before I go into the movie, I'm going to say that this is not a film for everyone. If you're not really into Greek mythology and history per se (or are a fan of the original movie), this may not be as much of an entertaining film for you.

(Note: The reason I say this is because there is some reference to Greek mythology as far as the history and myth, which tie into the story. If you're not really a fan of the genre, it just might not be as interesting to you as for others who are).

In the beginning, it goes into the story on how the Titans were overthrown and how the Olympians came into power, which also ties in to how "man" was created (i.e. by Zeus).

Then, it goes into how man is viewed as inferior to the Olympians (aka the Gods), and how man is subject to worship and obey their laws. This then goes into the story of a new era, the era of men, men who have had enough of being subjected and inferior to the Gods. It becomes a story of rebellion, of struggle, and lastly, of hope.

It's also a story of identity. As the main character, Perseus, played by Sam Worthington, struggles with his search for his own identity. (I don't want to ruin it for you, but let's just say it really is a struggle for him mentally as he just doesen't seem to fit in and be able to find his place in society).

After the mood of the story has been set and main characters introduced, the film really starts to become a real epic adventure. As the audience, we are drawn in to the journey Perseus and his men must face - it really is a roller coaster ride of a time encountering many different strange and mythical creatures.

While watching the battle scenes, it felt just like a video game while battling various and monstrous creatures. As the audience, I felt like I was right in the battlefield and the action.

(Note: I did not see this in 3D. Though, I can only imagine the effect it could have watching this film in 3D during the battle scenes - they were very well done, lots of action, and the scenes with the creatures very well rendered. If you've seen this film in 3D, I'd definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts on it).

Overall, I enjoyed the film very much. The story, the action, the special effects, and the sound were all elements very well put together to create an enjoyable movie.

After seeing this movie, I did go back and watch the original. It was nice to see a comparison. In the original, there have been some characters and elements that were changed in the remake. Though, overall the remake seemed to stay with the main plot of the original.

(Note: With the original, I did enjoy seeing the character of "Bobo" the mechanical owl. I was a little disappointed that Bobo did not play a large role in the remake.

Though, he did make an appearance though only a minor one. If you've seen the original, there's an inside joke with the dialogue when Bobo gets introduced in the remake. If you caught it, let me know what you think of it, it definitely made for a good laugh!)

If you're into an adventure type film and have somewhat of an interest in Greek mythology, I'd say this one is worth checking out.

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