Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

"God, I hope they serve beer in hell."

- I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Lately, I've been in a comedy type mood so I decided to check out this film based on the book. (If anyone's read the book, I'd definitely be interested in hearing what you think).

(Note: I'm sure some of you are thinking about how ridiculous the title sounds. But, then again so was "Hot Tub Time Machine" and from what I've heard, it's a very funny and entertaining film).

Ok, so you're probably all wondering why a girl like me would be interested in a film like this, it's obviously a guy movie. Well, it actually surprised me.

The film is based on a true story about a guy, Tucker Max, and his adventures as the opposite sex with his buddies. I remember picking up the book at the bookstore one day. Though it had a ridiculous sounding title, it intrigued me.

I remember actually picking up the book and taking the time to skim it over. As a member of the female gender, I'm sure the material would be highly offensive to some women here. Though, I found it to be rather entertaining. So, when I was deciding on a movie to see this one came to mind.

Going into the film, I didn't really have high expectations for it. I mean, come on. A film about a guy and his buddies partying it up and having a good time? What came to my mind was a lot of partying, debauchery, beer, and women. Guess what? I was right.

There was a lot of partying, debauchery, beer and women in the film. But, it came at a cost. And, this is the essence of the message of the film. (What, you say, there's a message? Yes, read on).

This film is really about change. And, being able to deal and cope with change. Things do not always stay the same. And, sometimes when we encounter change it feels uncomfortable and we resist.

So, the resistance to change is really where this film starts out. We have 3 main characters. Tucker Max, played by Matt Czuchry, who is the very stereotypical "party type" kind of guy. Then, there is Dan, his best friend, played by Geoff Stults, who plays the "good type" kind of guy. And, then there's Drew, played by Jesse Bradford, the cynical but very intelligent guy (who loves sci-fi and video games).

Here's a pic of the real Tucker Max:

Always together, these 3 friends have a close and many times, party going, relationship like no other. And, yes there is always many, many parties to seek out.

Though, this film is not just about partying. It's not just about beer and women. It's a movie about change. Big change.

And, being able to deal with big changes in our lives is something we all face. Everyone has a different way of coping with change - some can cope better than others. And, this is where the film takes its toll - it presents the different ways each character deals with change in their lives.

Since this is a comedy, I knew there would probably be a couple of funny moments in the film.

Let me just say, this film was hilarious! There were a lot of funny scenes and situations the characters got into. I don't want to spoil it for you, but let's just say a lot of these scenes got messy. Really messy. (If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about).

Though, it was not all fun and games with this film. Towards the end, it really did have a more serious tone - it really took a look at life and the effect change can have on people.

At the end, it really showed this. I really enjoyed the speech, Tucker Max, gave at the end. It was truly heart warming. I don't want to spoil it for you, but let me just say what he said surprised me. (If you've seen the film, you know what I'm talking about).

Overall, I enjoyed the film. I was entertained throughout the movie. The story, the characters, the dialogue - they all really came together to make this an enjoyable film to watch.

If you're in the mood for a comedy type movie, I definitely recommend this one. Check it out!

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Jonathan Sullivan said...

I loved the Tucker Max book the film was based on, but the movie came off as a low rent and very unfunny to me. Not to sound like a douche, but I'm surprised you liked it. Tucker Max traditionally doesn't appeal to the womens with his misogyny.

Film Gurl said...

Thanks for sharing, I've been thinking about the book since I've seen the film. I think it's the entertainment value and curiosity that draws me to Tucker Max and his story, I may check out the book. Appreciate your input, thanks for stopping by!