Monday, April 12, 2010

Indie Film Pitch - Cerise

Since it's Indie Movie Monday (#IndieMM), I thought I'd post up this indie film pitch from my tweep, John Trigonis, for his upcoming short film project "Cerise". Check it out!

"39 year old Josh Kermes’ life is thrown into disarray when the director of the tutoring center he tutors for hires some new help despite tough times. His name is Shivam Shah, and he happens to be the person who won the spelling bee Josh had lost many years ago. Chaos and competition ensues in this quirky short dramedy, and culminates in an ultimate showdown between man and word: Will Josh overcome the word that took him down?

So far, I’ve saved about $10,000 of my own money from teaching humanities and creative writing courses at universities across NJ as an adjunct instructor.

Perks for donating range from a social media shout out ($10), T-shirts and signed DVDs ($50) to Associate Producer ($100) or Executive Producer ($500) credit in the film and exclusive invites to the set and private screenings of Cerise."

Note: For more info on the film, check out the website. Thanks for reading!

(p.s. If you have a project(s) you'd like me to check out (i.e. fan trailer, short, spoof, animation, etc), feel free to contact me here or through my Facebook Page. I'm always on the lookout for fresh stuff from emerging filmmakers!)

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