Friday, April 30, 2010

Attention All LAMBs: The 2010 LAMMYS ARE HERE!

This post goes out to all the LAMBs and all soon to be LAMBs.

(Note: If you're a film blogger, you should definitely check out The Large Association of Movie Blogs (aka The LAMB) and consider joining. It's a great resource and great way to network with other film bloggers and find new film blogs. Plus, you'll be able to get the word out on your film blog once you join with a special introductory post. Mine can be found here).

The 2010 LAMMYS ARE HERE! And, it's nomination time again.

To all the LAMBs out there, I thought I'd post up my
"For Your Consideration" (FYC) ad:

Thanks for your consideration!

p.s. If you know any other LAMBs out there and enjoy my blog, feel free to pass this along. Thanks for your support!

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