Friday, May 14, 2010

Green Zone (2010)

"What's going on with the INTEL? There's nothing there. The INTEL is no good."

- Green Zone

Recently, I had the opportunity to see this film. Let me just say, it's a very powerful film with a very powerful message.

This movie really portrays how easily information can be manipulated and spread to make people believe it as truth. And, this film really is about truth and the trust we place in our government that they will always tell us the truth. At face value, can we really trust what our government tells us and accept it as truth?

In the film, it really shows the consequences that can happen when we accept everything the government says as truth. Failing to question those things as truth even when it does not make sense can really have a negative impact on a country and its people.

In a sense, this movie portrays two types of people - those that accept what is said as truth, and those that question. It is people who question what is said as truth, such as the main character Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (played by Matt Damon), who can really make a difference in our society and our world.

Those who question challenge those who take all things said as fact. Even if these things come from their own government. And, it is those who question who are able to reveal the truth and the true intentions of the government themselves.

Sometimes the truth can be ugly. And, yes - sometimes people cannot handle the truth. But, who is to say the truth should not be revealed? Who is to say we should not know the truth? Our government?

Why do we continue to allow our government to make decisions for us? It is the same question Roy Miller had in the film. Why are we here? Are we all just pawns in a scheme for our own government's self interest?

Is our government so powerful that it thinks it can do anything in the name of self interest alone? Even if it means destroying an entire country and its people.

These are the types of issues that are brought up in the film. And, it is these issues that truly had an effect on me. It showed me the power of governments and the power of influence over its people.

Though, this film was not all about the doom and gloom - it was also about hope. It showed what can happen when people question and play a pro-active role in truly wanting to make a difference in the world.

In the end, it showed how information can be used to tell the truth through technology and the mediums we have today. One of the most important mediums is the Internet.

With the Internet, information can spread like wild fire. No longer are we limited to the traditional forms of media and communication (i.e. television, newspapers, magazines, etc).

Now, we can take control and truly make a difference with the power of the Internet. And, the best thing about it is that we can send our message to the world right at our fingertips. Imagine making a difference in the world with one click of a button.

I must admit, this movie has some pretty heavy issues - it really made me think. It made me think about the world we live in and the types of things that are happening right now as I sit and write this review.

There are other people in the world who do not live in a country like ours. There are other people in the world who may live in a country destroyed and ruined by a country such as ours. It truly gave me something to think about. And, a movie that gives me something to think about is definitely one worth watching in my book.

I'll end this review with the most powerful quote in the movie,

"It's not for you to decide what happens here."

If you're in the mood for an action type movie that makes you think, I definitely recommend this one.

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Happy movie watching!

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Candice Frederick said...

i liked this movie, and don't know why it didn't get more buzz. i guess, like you mentioned, it showed the truth and really showed up some flaws i our government system. i liked it.

Film Gurl said...

I agree. I don't even think I knew the release date when it came out. I just stumbled upon it recently, happy I did!

Glad you enjoyed it too, thanks for sharing and for stopping by!

Dan said...

Good review. But I couldn't get into the film. I just felt it was thinly plotted and uninspired. There was no character depth and to be honest, I was quite bored most of the time.