Friday, May 28, 2010

Movie Preview: Going the Distance

With the summer season nearing, there are a lot of films coming out for the summer.

Thought I'd share this film with you - it caught my eye. I really admire and respect Drew Barrymore - she's a very bright and talented gal. Check it out!

(Note: Just wanted to give my fellow tweep, @ReelArtsy, and fellow Filmgirl Force gal credit - she posted the trailer on her site before I did. Check out Reel Artsy for the latest on multicultural films, tv, and web series - thanks for reading!)

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Video Link


Candice Frederick said...

i really wish drew barrymore owuld stop making these typical rom coms. they're getting so tired.

Film Gurl said...

I think she's been a bit type casted in these types of roles. The only other film I can think of right now where she played a bit of a different role would be Charlie's Angels - I liked her character of Dylan. Though, I always enjoy seeing her on the big screen - she's usually playing the cool, quirky kind of gal. Thanks for stopping by!

Going the Distance Movie said...

Thank you for sharing the trailers. The movie is mixture of comedy and romance. Me and my boy friend watch it together. Fantastic movie to watch :)