Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Robin Hood (2010)

"Rise and rise again. Until lambs becomes lions."

- Robin Hood

Since I have an interest in history, I was looking forward to seeing this film. Going into it, I had a lot of expectations for it. It surprised me. Though, in a good way.

As a child, I remember reading the "Robin Hood" storybook. I remembered Robin Hood, the heroic figure, as one who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. In turn, I really thought this movie would be the same - I was mistaken.

Instead of focusing on Robin Hood and his goodwill towards the poor (as in the children storybook), we are introduced to a different Robin Hood - this is a man who is good yet does not realize the power of his goodness and ability to help others. This man is one who just wants to survive - his sole purpose is to survive.

In a way, this movie is more of a prequel to the Robin Hood story we all know. Just as "Batman Begins" is about Batman and how he came to be, "Robin Hood" is just the same - it is the story of Robin Hood and how he became to be as well.

It's not until Robin Hood, played by Russell Crowe, stands up and does a good deed for his country (the side he thought was the right side) yet is cast away as an outsider is when he realizes he's playing for the wrong side.

It's not the rich (i.e. the monarchy, the merchants, etc) that he should be defending - it should be the poor. As, it is the rich (in these times) that really are the ones that steal from the poor (in forms of taxation) for their own self-interest. To Robin Hood, this is wrong.

What's interesting is that the story then becomes a matter of ethics - what is right? And, what is wrong? And, who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Is it the rich? Or, is it the poor? Who can decide what is right and what is wrong?

In a way, this is a story of vengeance - a vengeance against the rich for wronging the poor. And, it is this vengeance that gives Robin Hood purpose in life. Before he was wronged, he didn't have much purpose. Though, this event changed him and enlightened him - it gave him a reason to live.

What made it even more personal was the fact that his family was involved. I don't want to ruin it for you, but let's just say Robin Hood really followed in the footsteps of his family in his mission of vengeance against the rich. In a sense, this new vengeance gave him a purpose which gave him a new identity.

When it boils down to it, this film is really about identity - knowing who you are and remembering where you came from. Sometimes we forget the past and sometimes we want to forget the past. Yet, the past is the past. And, a lot of times the past tells us where we came from.

Though it can be hard, we must always remember where we came from - it is a part of who we are even as we grow up and become adults.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It had a good storyline, acting was good and the action scenes were pretty well played out. For me personally, I enjoyed the historical references and backdrop of the movie - I do enjoy period pieces.

(Note: I really liked Cate Blanchett's role and portrayal of Lady Marion. She played a very strong character in the film - intelligent and strong willed).

Though, I'm going to be honest. Not everyone is going to like this movie. I've already heard some bad reviews of it already.

Going into it, I think some people had some expectations- namely the story of Robin Hood and how he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The fact that it was more of a prequel, I think may have turned some people off.

However, I enjoyed it. I was entertained throughout the film. But, it is not for everyone. I think those who will enjoy it are those who have an interest in history and enjoy watching period pieces (like me). If you're not that much of a history buff, you may not enjoy this film as much.

If you're in the mood for a history type of movie and enjoy period pieces, I do recommend this one.

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Heather said...

You are right, there was a lot of bad reviews at first, but I'm starting to see some good ones sneak in here! Great review with a completely different perspective than those I've read lately!

Candice Frederick said...

i love that you're always so honest in your reviews. i too read a lot of negative reviews on this movie so this is quite refreshing to read. i myself am not into period films but thanks for the review!

Peter E said...

Nice honest review! I'm worried at this point to go and see this as I have heard so little positivity about it. I may have to succumb to post a review on my site though. Just wanna let you know I continue to check in and read your site...nice work!

Film Gurl said...

(Heather) I agree - there are some positive ones starting to come out. I think many people were turned off just by the fact that it was not what they expected. Glad you enjoyed the review!

(Candice) Thanks, glad you liked it! Since this film is a period piece, I think those who will appreciate it are those who enjoy these types of movies. From the negative reviews I've read so far, those who did not enjoy the movie did not seem to have an interest in history and/or period pieces.

(Peter E) Yes, it's really more of a film for those who enjoy period pieces. For me personally, the story of "Robin Hood" was one I remembered quite vividly. Thanks for continuing to check into the site, good to know!

p.s. If you get to post a review, feel free to let me know and I'll check it out.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Clarabela said...

I am a history buff too. I would like to see how Ridley Scott handles this story. He and Russell Crowe work well together and I have heard good things about Cate Blanchett;s Marion.

I will see it this weekend.

Film Gurl said...

Yes, I definitely enjoyed Cate Blanchett's portrayal of Lady Marion - she played a very strong character in the film. Glad to know you're a history buff too, thanks for sharing and for stopping by!

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading mine! I was relieved to like it so much. Your review was the first that got me in a positive state of mind, and it was full worth my dollars at the theatre.

Film Gurl said...

Sure, you're welcome! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the film - I think those who will appreciate it are those who have an interest in history and/or period type pieces.

Glad to know my review helped, thanks for the note and for stopping by!

watch movies said...

The film starts very slowly and is a little dull, but apart from the many dreadful accents, not all awful. It is after Robin reaches Nottingham that the story becomes increasingly ridiculous.